Academic Year 2016-2017

Name Type Group Semester
Algorithms Required Fall
Combinatorial Optimization Elective Required A Fall
Computational Complexity Elective Required A Fall
Computational Cryptography Elective Fall
Computational Αlgebra Elective Fall
Cryptography Elective Fall
Graph Drawing Elective Fall
Graph Theory Elective Required C Fall
Recursion Theory Elective Required B Fall
Set Theory Elective Required B Fall
Stochastic Processes Elective Required C Fall
Stochastic Μodels Elective Fall
Theory of Linear Programming Elective Fall
Type Systems for Programming Languages Elective Fall
Algorithms in Structural Bioinformatics Elective Spring
Computation Models, Formal Languages and Automata Elective Spring
Computational Geometry Elective Spring
Logic Elective Required B Spring
Network Algorithms and Complexity Elective Spring
Semantics of Programming Languages Elective Spring
Special Topics in Logic Elective Spring
Special Topics on Algorithms Elective Spring