Other Seminars

Title Speaker Institute Year
Learning from Comparisons Στρατής Ιωαννίδης Corelab, ECE NTUA
Online Learing and Auctions Γιάννης Μαυροθαλασσίτης Corelab, ECE NTUA
Label Ranking Ελένη Ψαρουδάκη Corelab, ECE NTUA
Zeros and approximations of Holant polynomials on the complex plane Αντρέας Γκέμπελ Corelab, ECE NTUA
Opinion dynamics with Limited Information Στρατής Σκουλάκης Corelab, ECE NTUA
Optimal Circle Search Despite the Presence of Faulty Robots Γιάννης Παπαϊωάννου Corelab, ECE NTUA
Privately Learning High-Dimensional Distributions Gautam Kamath Corelab, ECE NTUA
The Dynamic Complexity of Acyclic Conjunctive Queries Ioannis Kokkinis Corelab, ECE NTUA
Axiomatising verdict equivalence over regular monitors Elli Anastasiadi Corelab, ECE NTUA
Competitive Algorithms for Generalized k-Server Grigorios Koumoutsos Corelab, ECE NTUA
Dense subgraph discovery in large-scale networks Charalampos Tsourakakis Corelab, ECE NTUA
Demand Side Management in smart electricity networks: Algorithmic, Economic & Game-Theoretic aspects of active user participation Georgios Tsaousoglou Corelab, ECE NTUA
The VC Dimension of Metric Balls under Fréchet and Hausdorff Distances Γιάννης Ψαρρός Corelab, ECE NTUA
Hierarchical Clustering as a Tool for Unsupervised Learning: An Optimization Viewpoint / On the Computational Power of Online Gradient Descent Βαγγέλης Χατζηαφράτης Corelab, ECE NTUA
Security of Blockchains against Incentive-Driven Attacks Βασίλης Ζήκας Corelab, ECE NTUA
Cryptocurrencies without need for consensus Μάριος Γεωργίου Corelab, ECE NTUA
Circuits, Lower Bounds, and Circuit Analysis Algorithms Dimitris Myrisiotis Corelab, ECE NTUA
Adventures in monitorability Antonis Achilleos Corelab, ECE NTUA
The price of stability of (weighted) congestion games with polynomial latencies Giorgos Christodoulou Corelab, ECE NTUA
Completeness and approximability of counting functions with easy decision version & Markov chains and phase transitions for TotP-complete problems. Ελένη Μπακάλη Corelab, ECE NTUA