List of Theses

Title Name Date Sort ascending
Minimum degree and immersions of complete graphs Oikonomou Martha 21/12/2023
The Expressive Power of Higher-Order Datalog with Negation Kostopoulos Charalampos 20/10/2023
Algorithms for Multiclass Learning with Corrupted Samples Iakovidis Ioannis 30/06/2023
On the security of Bitcoin and DAG-based performance solutions Balla Danai 27/12/2022
Equivalent Definitions for Block Elimination Distance and a Polynomial Kernel Mavropoulos Filippos 08/11/2022
Simulation Relations among Message Passing and Mobile Agent Algorithms Spyrakou Maria-Ioanna 18/10/2022
Sorting and Selection Problems in Partially Ordered Sets Papamichail Merkouris 27/09/2022
A Survey of Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments with preprocessing Paslis Nikitas 23/09/2022
Parametric Overview of the Feedback Vertex Set Chatzikokolakis Konstantinos-Nikolaos 28/06/2022
Minor­-Obstructions for Apex Pseudoforests Tsatsanis Konstantinos 30/03/2022
A Survey of Probabilistic Reasoning in Justification Logic Pipilikas Thomas 02/11/2021
Upper Bounds on the number of embeddings of minimally rigid graphs Tzamos Charalambos 18/10/2021
Extendability of Graphs with Perfect Matchings Semertzakis George 21/07/2021
Dynamic Complexity of Reachability Problem and Related Problems Potsakis Stavros Taxiarchis 09/06/2021
About Inspection Games Karagiannis-Axypolitidis Nikos 03/06/2021
Approximation Algorithms for Precedence-Constrained Knapsack and Capacitated Covering Integer Programs Skarlatos Antonios 12/03/2021
Lexicographic Sets Protopapas Evangelos 04/11/2020
Non-constructive proof of a fixed point theorem on lexicographic lattice structures Chatziagapis Ioannis 23/07/2020
Structural and Topological Graph Theory and Well-Quasi-Ordering Chaniotis Aristotelis 17/12/2019
Expanding Graphs and Balanced Separators Niklanovits Aikaterini 09/10/2019